Sunday, 30 August 2015

Blazing from Winter to Spring

In no time at all it will officially be Spring here in Australia!  
It already feels like it's here with longer days, warm breezes, 
and the smell of native daphne floating on the air.
Sharing here that transition from frost-chilled orange juice for breakfast and bonfires, 
to the buzzing of busy bees around a bottlebrush in balmy Bellingen!

  the cattle were inquisitive when we cleared a fence line and had a bonfire

Crimson Rosella

Native daphne or sweet pittosporum which I read is becoming a weed in some areas.  
Sad because the perfume is delicious

flowering pear blossom 

budding tulip tree against the moon 

Australian red cedar (Toona ciliata var. australis) ~ new pink growth.  
I'll tell you more about this wonderful tree soon.

bottle brush (don't ask me which one!)

I was listening to a program which spoke about the demise of the awareness of the seasons
because so many of us have air conditioned houses, cars and work places 
and so the seasons can pass without us feeling or noticing any change.

If this is the case, then I feel very sorry for those people
but I for one will keep on seeing and sensing the seasons
 and I'm pretty sure you will too!

Bye for now

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Look and see.

How's your week been?  
Two of my grandchildren had birthdays this week, 
so we have had some wonderful family time.
But in between I've been trying to see in a different way. 
Looking as if seeing things for the first time.
Appreciating patterns, shapes and the space between.

 It's surprising what you see when you look through different eyes, isn't it?

Bye for now

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Moments of Calm

Well what a chaotic week it's been ~ one thing after another!
 But I'm not going to focus on that ~ what's the point? 
 Instead I'll show you (and me!) the good bits, the pieces of calm in between.
You'll notice we've had more frosty mornings
 and the land owner across the river has been burning off
 so the smoke has made for some interesting views.  

I noticed this 'still life' while I was weeding around a rose bush.

These leaves were floating on the water trough when I went to feed the chooks.
They look as though they are surrounded by a starry night sky!

These seed cases are from our local  Blackwood tree, an Acacia. I love the curls and squiggles!

Well it's done me good to see the bits of beauty 
that I would otherwise have forgotten amidst the chaos.
I hope you've had a week where you've noticed something special
even if it's been just in passing.  I'd love to hear about it!

bye for now

Friday, 7 August 2015

Winter's Chill

I was up early, not from choice really, but because my dear husband went fishing, 
leaving home at 4 am.  So inevitably I too was awake!  
Breakfast, stoke the fire, shower, make the bed, check emails...still only 5.30am.
 Peek outside and it's cold.
A few weeks ago it was really cold around the south and east of Australia,
 but life got in the way of me getting in the car
 and driving an hour or so inland and uphill to the snow.
 So today I decided to go and check out the frost instead. 
I've got way too many photos here, but I'm not very good at culling!

And then on the way home you can see that time has passed
 and the frost has melted to a sunny day.

Smoke from winter burning off fills the horizon and melds the mountains seamlessly.  

It also helps to produce irresistibly colourful sunsets!

We were both home too late to enjoy the fruits of the day out on the water, 
but don't worry, fish was on the menu the next night!   
I know I should go too, but when you work together sometimes it's nice to do your own thing.

Do you go in different directions or enjoy similar hobbies?  Just wondering! 

Bye for now